Channel View Equine Retreat is a family-run facility set in the beautiful countryside of South East Wales.

The retreat is in the families 400-acre farm near Magor in Monmouthshire and provides a safe and peaceful home for horses and ponies that have retired or that are just in need of some rest. The happiness and wellbeing of the horses and ponies that we look after is our priority and the service we provide is caring and professional. 

For those of you that have retired horses and horses that deserve a quiet and beautiful home, we are here to provide that for you. Our love for animals is what drives us to provide the service. We have many animals that live here, most of which are pets. We take pride in having a quality facility, with love, attention and care provided.

Channel View Team
Channel View Equine Retreat view of Bristol Channel


Every horse is unique and therefore has specific needs that need to be catered for. We recognise this and therefore take careful decisions in how we look after each individual.

Horses are our first love and we have extensive experience for owning and caring for horses and ponies. We have family ponies and racing horses, some of which are still working and others are retired. We love all animals and in addition to the horses and farm livestock, there are numerous other pets on the farm, including chickens, geese, donkeys, goats and pigs.

The retreat is located a few minutes North of Magor and less than ten minutes from the Severn Bridge. Please call to arrange a viewing.


Yard Manger Cheryl


Yard Manager

I am Gabrielle’s mum and she gets her passion for animals from me, as from a young age I have always been around them. Being a keen member of Wye Valley Riding Club has seen me compete and learn over the years. My favourite discipline is Dressage and I hold a Stage 1&2 BHS Riding and Stable Management.

When I’m not working on the yard I help with other duties on the farm and help Gabrielle care for all her other animals.

Owner Gabrielle

Gabrielle WILLIAMS


I have always been a huge animal lover and keen equestrian. Through my life, I have been lucky enough to own and care for many horses, ponies and other animals. In 2011 I achieved a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Cardiff University. Many of the modules within this were Animal Behaviour which has given me a great understanding which now helps in my business.

This is far more than a job for me, it’s my passion and I am very lucky to be able to carry out while living on our beautiful farm. I don’t work here alone and am very lucky to have a team of very knowledgeable and caring people to help us keep the standards here high.

Business Manager Laura


Business Manager

Myself and Gabrielle have grown up together and been friends since school. Like Gabrielle, I have always loved animals and have been a keen rider since the age of 7. I have part-owned horses and also trained racehorses in the past. I have worked in Childcare for 17 years, who says never work with children or animals??! Both have been equally as rewarding for me.

Now my two children are older I have more flexible time which enables me to work in the team at
Channel View Equine Retreat, doing what we love. My role here also includes the running of the IT side of the business. I’m looking forward to furthering my knowledge and undergoing courses in the future.

I have known Gabrielle for many years as a client and as a friend. She is an experienced and
compassionate horsewoman with a wealth of knowledge and high standards of care. Gabrielle
is able to offer a haven for horses in a beautiful setting with quality facilities and grazing along
with an excellent standard of individual care and attention for any Equine needs.

Dr Sam Harris

Veterinary Doctor, BSc BVSc MRCVS