We very occasionally see examples of dry hooves in our residents. If you’ve never come across it with your horse then it can be quite a surprise and worry.

The Condition

What are dry hooves in horses?

Dry hooves is a moisture imbalance within the hoof caused by environmental conditions that are
too hot and dry. This then makes the hooves more brittle and can cause chips, splits and
cracks. This can be uncomfortable for the horse or pony and a concern for the owner.

How to treat dry hooves?

Hooves are better if not going from wet to dry regularly. In summer it may be better to bring the
horse in to eliminate the dew on the hooves. Also in winter, it is advised to not turn out in very
muddy fields and then bring them into very dry stables – difficult I know! We use Biotin
supplements that can help the hooves, but, in some cases, it has no visual effect. A good quality
feed with the correct nutrients will also help give goodness to the hoof wall. We regularly trim
the hooves and pick them every day to be able to notice any changes within the foot. At
Channel View, we use Canalor Podo Guard hoof which has much to recommend it.