As much as we are proud of our beautiful retreat we are also proud of the surrounding area.  We are on the hill in between Parc Seymour in Penhow and Magor, here’s a bit of information on each:


Magor meaning ‘a wall’ is a large village in monmouthshire. When entering Wales, Magor is situated just off Junction 23a. 

Magor has a village square that has lots to offer including a pharmacy, post office, pubs, restaurants and St Mary’s church. Magor is home to ‘Magor Marsh’ which is one of the last remaining pieces of natural fenland that once covered the Gwent levels, it also has walking trails. When we have time,  we enjoy swapping our farm boots for walking boots and love to explore the reserve.



Penhow is a small village just inside the boundary of the city of Newport,South Wales, derived from the welsh name ‘pen’  Penhow is best known for its castle however it is now privately owned and is no longer open to the public, the church of St John the Baptist is situated alongside it. 


We are so lucky here at Channel View Equine Retreat to be close to other beautiful gems like Wentwood forest, I have such fond memories as a child exploring the woods, playing on the marathon long (felt like that to me back then) climbing frame/assault course and was saddened when it got destroyed by individuals who thought it would be a good idea to set it on fire.

I would later in my teens get to explore the forest on horseback, again taking my picnic and a friend, we had one horse so we’d have to take it in turns to ride while the other walked alongside, talking about what teenage girls liked to talk about. 

These forests hold such great memories for me. The forest almost seems magical, and I get the same sense of calm and peace there as I experience in our beautiful retreat-Channel View Equine Retreat.