Horse leaning over gate


Is there all year around turnout?

Yes we do have all year round turnout, although in the worst of weather time is limited outside. For example, 8.30 am till 4 pm.

Are you able to deal with Laminitis or weight problems?

Yes, we have several small paddocks a swell as restricted grazing routines.

Can I come visit my horse?

Yes, you’re more than welcome to come but pre-arrangement would be ideal in case we are not on the yard or the horse is in one of our 400-acre fields.

I know you include hoof trimming but do you include shoeing also?

If shoeing or additional specialist shoeing is needed this will be at an additional price.

Are our horses insured at the retreat?

Yes, we have public liability insurance. We’re happy to provide more detail if wanted.

Do I need to provide transport to get my horse to you?

More than often than not we can arrange transport at a cost to the owner.

Is onsite Parking for visits available?

Yes,there is plenty of space for parking

What payment methods do you accept for fees?

Direct debit, 1 month upfront

Is good Vet care available?

Yes, we have a 24 hr call out vet

What packages are on offer?

 You can find our core package HERE.

Other packages available all include all year round turnout and a stable for each horse as in the height of winter they must be available for each horse, for those that may be stiff during stabling we would do it on a more turnout than stable basis.

If your horse requires extra care or time we can adjust what is needed and change the package.