What are fly bites on horses?

Every horse owner or carer will know the problems flies can cause to horses. The flies emerge
in June or July and are more frequent on warm and calm days. They become a problem as when they bite
the horses they suck their blood to feed and congregate around the eye where there is moisture.
Different horses skins react differently to the bites. We have one horse here at Channel View
that is especially prone to getting infected bite sites. Apart from the actual bites that
flies cause, more serious problems can occur such as anaemia and worms.

How to treat horse fly bites

Here at Channel View, we bath the bitten area with Hibby Scrub and warm water and then apply
Sudocrem to help prevent irritation and itching.

How to treat infected fly bites in horses?

When a bite becomes infected we can give antihistamine medicine and continue with the above
treatment. If infections get severely infected a vet will be needed to prescribe stronger medicine
and maybe antibiotics.